Decatur Smyrna

Item Condition Grades are OPENED BOXDAMAGED, and APPEARS NEW. (See complete Terms and Conditions).

  • OPENED BOX items were sold by a retailer, and potentially used before being returned by the customer. Opened Box items may be damaged or have an opened box with missing pieces, missing cables, missing batteries etc.
  • DAMAGED items have visible damage or could be incomplete, missing parts and have not been tested for functionality.
  • APPEARS NEW items appear to be in a new condition or have not been used previously. DB may offer a refund for all Appears New items with discovered defects. Customer MUST report defects to DB prior to leaving the Pickup Center with the item. 

DB will include stock photos when available, Buyer accepts that DB taken photos and stock photos may be inaccurate. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to inspect all items before placing any bid on the Site.

Buyers may inspect OPENED BOXDAMAGED, items only at the Inspection TableBuyers are not permitted to open or inspect items on the warehouse floor.

APPEARS NEW items are not available to be inspected before the auction closes. Winners of APPEARS NEW items are asked to inspect their items condition before they leave the Pickup Center.

A confidential maximum bid you're willing to pay. The DealBadger auction platform will automatically place bids on your behalf if someone outbids you.



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