Appears New: Item appears to be a factory sealed box with unused product.
Opened Box: An open box item appears to have been opened or was opened by a DB teammate. The item may have arrived open, or was closed, resealed, and/or taped either by the original retailer or by a DB teammate. DB may or may not have checked for functionality, but we will add notes in the product description to give you a good representation of the item. There my be missing pieces, missing instructions, or missing electrical cords and/or components. Effective bidders recognize that these deals are often greater, but there is also higher risk as not every product will be in working condition.
Damaged: These items have obvious physical damage. We do our best to describe the damage and provide images; however, they typically present more risk of defect than Open Box Items. Items listed as Damaged will vary greatly in the extent of the damage. Some damaged items may simply have cosmetic damage and can potentially be purchased for substantial savings from MSRP. Other products will have more substantial damage and DB strives to represent the damage as accurately as possible. There may be missing pieces, missing hardware, missing instructions, or missing electrical cords and/or components.
Not Inspected: These items were not inspected. Once you leave the Pick Up Center with any product, DB will no longer accept any returns or provide any kind of refund.
A confidential maximum bid you're willing to pay. The DealBadger auction platform will automatically place bids on your behalf if someone outbids you.



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