Decatur Smyrna

Open Jobs


We are currently looking to hire “Lotters”.  Lotters are the lifeblood of our company.  They bring all of the great deals to DealBadger by cataloging all of the products in our auctions.


If you are looking to join a fast growing company and like to work hard, please let us know.  Send us an email and include why you think you’d be a good addition to our team at [email protected].


Some of the responsibilities Lotters have:


  • Break down pallets of merchandise (can range from 1-2 items per pallet to hundreds of items)
  • Prepare items to be placed in online auctions by cataloging, photographing, and grading items using various hand-held technology
  • Determine the current condition of products and assign a grade
  • Ensure product is accurately depicted and represented (we monitor the number of refunds due to inaccurate listings)
  • Once proficient, the expectation is to be able to lot at least 125-150 items per day depending on the types of products




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