Decatur Smyrna

What to Expect

Deal Badger is a secondary marketplace for customer returns and other liquidation items.  Using Deal Badger is fairly simple:

  • Register for an account, which includes adding your credit card before you can bid
  • Begin bidding and winning items located at one of our pick-up centers
  • Go to that pick-up center, grab your winnings, check out, and take them home

Deal Badger allows you to bid on amazing deals that most individuals or independent resellers can’t get on their own.  However, you should bid carefully.  Because these items are returns and liquidations, there is a small risk that you won’t get exactly what you hoped for. 

Our promise to you is that we will do our best to be as transparent as possible so you can make the right decision for you.  We will include multiple pictures and we will note any blemishes or missing pieces we see.  Many of our items will be available for previewing if you want to see them in person.  We won’t be perfect, but we take this very seriously.  If we don’t do a good job, we know that you won’t be happy and you won’t keep coming back.

If you get to the Pick Up Center and discover that our description of an item was incorrect, you can return the product before you leave for a full refund.  However, once you leave the building, there are no returns.  We have no way to know or control what has happened to the product once it leaves our building.

Our most effective customers tell us the risk is well worth the return.  Please bid with care and become a loyal Deal Badger for years to come. 

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