Decatur Smyrna

Auction Details

Auction Length

All auctions run approximately for 4 days. We stagger the starts of items within an auction so that you can easily bid and monitor multiple items that all won’t end at the same time.

Time Period to Pick Up Winnings

You have four Pickup days to pick up won items from the Pick Up Center location of your auction. A Pickup Day is a day that our warehouse is open for pickup to customers that have won items. We are open Noon-6:00pm Tuesday through Friday, and 9:00am through Noon on Saturday. If you win an item on a Tuesday, you have until Saturday to pick up. If you win an item on a Friday, you have until Thursday to pick up.

Soft Close

All of our auctions have Soft Closes. This means that if there is a bid within the last 3 minutes of an item’s End Time, another 3 minutes will be added to the End Time. If another bid is placed, another 3 minutes will be added. This will continue until there is a high bidder.

Max Bid Explanation

You have the option to set a “Max Bid”. This is the maximum you are willing to pay, but does not necessarily mean you will pay that amount. If you place a Max Bid higher than the current bid, you will be submitting a bid higher than the current bid by the minimum increment for that price range (see below for increments). If another bidder has a higher Max Bid than your Max Bid, the current price will be set at the highest Max Bid amount by the minimum increment for that price range and you will be notified by email. You will always be notified if you are outbid on an item. This kind of bidding allows you to win an auction at the lowest price possible without having to constantly monitor an item to keep re-bidding.  Please note, you cannot lower your Max Bid once you enter a Max Bid.

Bid Increments

The minimum amount you are able to increase a bid will vary depending on the current high bid amount.

  • Bid from $0.50 to $0.99 = $0.10 incremental increase
  • Bid from $1 to $25 = $1 incremental increase
  • Bid from $25.01 to $100 = $5 incremental increase
  • Bid from $100.01 to $250 = $10 incremental increase
  • Bid above $250.01 = $25 incremental increase

Fees and Taxes

Your credit card will be charged immediately upon winning an item. Your final cost on an item is your bid price plus a $3.00 minimum or 17%, whichever is greater, Buyer’s Premium. This amount is then taxed the applicable rate given the Pick Up Center geographic location.

Payment Methods

All transactions on are done through credit cards. There are no payments accepted at Pick Up Centers. Deal Badger accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

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