Decatur Smyrna

About Us

We created DealBadger with two goals:

1) Enable customers to buy returned merchandise at an extremely low percentage of retail
2) Make it an easy shopping experience

Please don’t hesitate to tell us how we’re doing on both.

Since our auctions include products that range from “Appears New” to “Damaged”, we know we must accurately represent the condition of each item.  This is a big deal to us, and our promise to you is we will be as transparent as possible.  We will provide real pictures and comments to help you understand what you are bidding on.  This transparency is a core value of ours and important to ensure we build long-lasting relationships with our customers.  

Because of the care we take to share product conditions, our most effective bidders know how to use this information to their fullest advantage, get great deals, and often make a lot of money reselling our products.

Our best customers aren’t afraid to hunt and dig for deals.  Like a badger. 

Our first Pickup Center opened in 2021 in Atlanta, GA.  We are quickly expanding around Atlanta and beyond, so please be on the lookout for new DealBadger Pickup Centers.

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